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Elizabeth Young - March 2021 B...

Elizabeth Young - March 2021 Big of the Month

Elizabeth Young - March 2021 Big of the Month cover image

Big Sister Elizabeth was first matched with Alex met through the PALS program while Elizabeth was in high school. Now, three years later, Elizabeth and Alex have continued to grow together as Elizabeth continues her education at ACU. It all started because of Elizabeth’s love for children. She enjoys working with kids, which is what drew her to Big Brothers Big Sisters through the PALS program.

They have stayed in touch throughout the pandemic, planning FaceTime calls whenever possible. Elizabeth enjoyed the consistency her Little provided her during the pandemic, saying “he’s been a consistent friend which is unprecedented with the times we're in.” One of the reasons she decided to be a Big was the possibility for her to be a consistent friend to a younger person. So, to experience the other side of that, with her Little being consistent for her, was wonderful to hear.

One of Elizabeth’s favorite things about being a Big is just how rewarding it is to serve other people and see personal growth in herself. She says she’s had so much fun getting to know Alex and watch him grow though their friendship. Her experience with BBBS has been so positive, stating how easy it is to work with her Match Support Specialist, and how being a Big is a great way to stay plugged into the local community.

A favorite memory of Elizabeth’s with her Little was when they were still in the PALS program. She detailed a memory of them going to ACU together and exploring campus! Another was when Alex got to come to her high school and visit her during the school day. She enjoyed any time she got to spend with Alex outside of the lunch room.

Now, they enjoy weekly calls since they’ve moved to be a virtual match when Covid began. Elizabeth looks forward to getting to see Alex again in-person soon!

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