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Big Couple John and Tom with L...

Big Couple John and Tom with Little Brother Emanual

Big Couple John and Tom with Little Brother Emanual cover image

John and Tom signed up as a Big Couple with the hopes to make a positive impact on a child who could use extra support and guidance as well as provide them with a positive outlook for the future. Since the beginning of their match, they both made a commitment to see Emanual once a week. There match activities have included a variety things such as going to Casa Manana, Fort Worth Museum, bowling, and several other fun activities in the community. John and Tom have also attended several agency activities with Emanuel such as baking and art class as well as the holiday party. During the quarantine period of COVID the volunteers made sure to stay connected to Emanual and keep in contact weekly by phone. Once able to, they got creative with meeting safely in person during this time by going for visits to Emanual’s home and spending time outside together.


Though the match has done a lot of fun activities, John and Tom have also made a commitment toward Emanual’s education by taking time to help him with his writing, reading, and spelling as well as communicating with his teachers. Since being matched with his mentors, Emanual’s grades have improved and he is currently passing all of his classes. His grandmother also reports that he has had a more positive attitude toward school and doing his work. 


Since being matched with his mentors, Emanual’s communication skills have improved over time. He has been able to express himself more effectively when communicating not only with his family and mentors but also during quarterly supervision. Big Brothers John and Tom have definitely made a positive impact on their Little Brother Emanual and in return Emanual has made a BIG impact on their life as well!

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